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Material for you to use in Wiki Challenge

The Nokia Developer is hosting Nokia X Wiki Challenge 2014Q1. And I made one entry there myself already, “unfortunately” I’ll be having some beach holidays coming and wont be having time for submitting more there.

Anyway I do have huge amount of example snippets combined into two separate HereAPI_v2Porting shows how to replace Google Maps v2 API usage with HERE Maps, it’s using SDK example for Google Maps V2 as an base, and all parts are then re-implemented with HERE maps.

Some parts like the one using ViewPaging are not implemented, thus if you would want to help me, you could also make those parts work and descripe the API usage in Wiki as well.

The other example is called HERE_ServiceAPIs, it is showing example codes for HERE Maps additional services, such as the Street view, so browse around and see whether you could use any parts in there for the wiki challenge.

So, I’ll go get me self some tan and you should go and fetch the codes, see what you could get out from them, make an application using the API parts, submit it to the Nokia Store, push the codes into the Github and exter the comment with link to your page in the end of the Wiki Challenge page.


Got my first Nokia X application published

I decided to create a simple Nokia X application to see how the publishing works, and noted that its working loads faster than what it was when I submitted my Symbian Apps. I finalized the application over the weekend, and submitted it to the store, and it was fully processed and available in the Nokia store already on Tuesday morning well before I woke up.

Unfortunately can not share any direct links to it at this point of time, but if you want to find it, you would need to use the Nokia X, open the store and search for it. Its names Streetview, and indeed the main functionality of it, is to show Street view with HERE Maps.

With it you could browse the map and find the areas having street view data, and then simply switch to the street view tab to view the actual street view in your Nokia X mobile. Very simple application consisting well less than 100 lines of real code.

And if you want to get the codes they are available at Github

Or if you instad would just want to know how the API works, I did write quick wiki page for it at Nokia Developer Wiki. The article is also selected to be featured article for this week.



Getting this Blog Started

Its been awhile since I was really active on maintaining this site, anyways, seems that I’m finding the fun doing it again.

Anyways, I have been working on Nokia developer channels well before they were called developer channels, have been doing loads of different things there, and hoping to stay with the community still a long time. I’m nearing 30K posts in the Dibo there as well.

Today I decided to try something I have not tried before, and I went and asked question in Stack over Flow. And happily got acceptable answer in just few minutes, so I will of course continue answering in Nokia Developer Discussion board, but would suggest you also to hang around in Stack overflow, I’m monitoring nokiax, nokia tags alongside some maps related ones, so you will see me answering there as well.

For the Answer & question, I also make a Wiki article: Utilizing HERE Maps with components using v4 fragments just to get the good answer in more wide usage. And indeed if that happens to you, do remember that there is very nice Wiki Competition for Nokia X in Nokia developer site, in which you can get nice stuff from DVLUP, so sign in for it as well.

In general you would get best benefits for the challenge, if you would submit apps into the Nokia Store.

With this wiki article, I decided to just make an example called Maps in Tabs which you can download from the GitHub.

I’m gathering some additional example currently for HERE Maps, as well as I’m planning to publish one Maps Application for Nokia X, thus next blogs should have more coding included in them, stay tuned.