Monthly Archives: July 2014

Experimenting with PhoneGap

It has been rather busy spring, mainly due private life issues needing loads of attention, though managed to visit Bangkok and London twice and Ho Chi Minh City once for Nokia X porting events, likely will be visiting more cities after July.

Anyway, still having few days before I’ll be starting my Summer vacation, thus having some time to experiment with APIs I have nt gotten time beforehand. And decided yesterday to check out how the PhoneGap works, gotta admit that its been while since I made any HTML based apps, but indeed I do have 50 WRT Widgets for Symbian to start with.

So the plan is to see how the WRT widgets could be modified to work with both Windows Phone 8 and Nokia X (alongside normal Android devices). Start looks pretty ok.

For pre-stuff I did have:

  • Windows phone 8 development environment preinstalled
  • Android SDK preinstalled
  • Git preinstalled

So then according to the instructions  I just needed to install the node.js and start working with projects, thus I did that.

Then after successfully running the nmp utility I did  indeed have something that I could work with, and after long hour of Bing-searched after each step I figured out that there were indeed few more steps that I needed to do before I could get things working:

  • Install JDK (not JRE, which I did have)
  • Set PATH for java folders, and JAVA_HOME
  • Set android tools PATHs
  • Install ANT
  • Set ANT_HOME
  • Update the Android SDK and Install API level 19 (by default it appears to look for the latest version of android)
  • Set windows .net PATH

After these steps I did manage to build Helloworld app nicely, and run it in Android emulators and Nokia X device via command line. For Windows phone still though I needed to use the IDE for opening the project before I could get it run in any target really, so small things left to figure out still.

Checked also that I could indeed get the WRT widgets running nicely on the device, of course would need to figure out nice ways on getting them to display in right size.

All and all the plan is to get if not all, at least most of the widgets ported to the Nokia X, and then see how the VSERV advertisement wrapper would work with them.

But before I get there, I need to do some more learning with the offering, and currently trying to see whether I could make some nice CordovaPlugin plug-ins..